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Why Rollie Technology?

There are three reasons it makes sense to use Rollie Technology to monitor your tanks.

  1.  We have more experience with tank monitoring than anyone in the business. 

    William Pierce, a principle of the company, is a software engineer with extensive tank monitoring experience.  Large container ships and tankers, have numerous ballast tanks to balance the ships load, so it doesn’t tip over at sea.  These ships also have fuel, water and cargo tanks.  Before starting Rollie, Bill spent over 25 years designing tank gauging and monitoring systems for major international shippers such as Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Exxon and Arco Marine.
  2. We design and assembly all of our monitors in the USA. 

    Most of our competitors buy their monitors from outside suppliers.  We design and assemble all of our monitors at our plant in Orange Massachusetts, using both domestic and internationally sourced parts.  Since we design and manufacture our monitors,we can quickly make adjustments to our hardware and software to respond to changes in market conditions.
  3. We charge much less than our competitors giving you a quick payback and superior return on your investment.  

    The dealer cost of our monitors is $79 for the oil unit and $119 for the propane unit.  Most of our competitors change significantly more for their monitors.  However, the biggest difference is in the monthly monitoring fee which is less than ½ what anyone else charges.  This can save you thousands of dollars over the course of a year.