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Questions & Answers: Rollie Wireless Waste Oil Tank Monitor

Question:  How does the Rollie wireless tank monitor work?

Answer:  It uses ultrasonic sound waves to determine exactly how much oil is in the tank.  The monitor checks the fuel level every 30 minutes and uses the internet router at your customer’s location to connect to the internet and report the number of gallons to our proprietary software.  Your computer system can easily access our website and use the information on a daily basis to efficiently schedule customer pickups. 

Question:  What is required to install the monitor?

Answer:  You need three things:  A free hole, or bung, in the top of the tank, an internet router and an electrical outlet in reasonable proximity to the tank.

Question:  How difficult is it to install?

Answer:  The monitor can be installed in a matter of minutes.  First screw the monitor into a bung in the top of the tank and connect it to an electrical outlet.   Then connect the Ethernet Gateway to the internet using a free port in the customer’s router.  It’s as simple as that. 

Question:  Can the monitor work in any size tank?

Answer:  Yes, all standard size tanks are pre-programed into our software.  All you have to do is select the size you want and you’re good to go.  The program also allows you to enter special or custom tanks. 

Question:  How much does the monitor cost?

Answer:  The dealer price of the monitor itself is $79.  There is also a charge of $10 per year to access the data collected by our proprietary software.   An optional remote reader is also available for $79. 

Question:  How does your price compare with your competitors?

Answer:  Some of our competitors charge well over $100 for their monitor. However, the big difference is the access fee.  All of our competitors charge a minimum of 240% more than we do.  If you have 100 monitors in the field, those savings amount to $1,400 per year.

Question:  Where are the monitors manufactured? 

Answer:  Our monitors are designed and assembled at our plant in Orange, MA.     

Question:  How much experience does Rollie have with remote tank monitors?

Answer:  Despite what some of our competitors would have you believe, this is not new technology.  We developed and used remote monitoring technology and software (originally for large cargo ships at sea) over 15 years ago. In order for it to be commercially viable, however, we needed an inexpensive way to get the data from the monitor to the internet.  With the advent of high speed internet in most American businesses, we now have the bridge we need to transfer the data.

Question:  I use a time interval system to schedule customer pickups.  Why is this better?

Answer:  While time can work reasonably well, there are a lot of variables which can dramatically throw off the accuracy of your projections including the following:

  • Customers business is seasonal
  • The effect of weather conditions on the customers’ business
  • The effect the economy has on the customers’ business
  • Life is frequently like bananas, work comes in bunches and predicting the timing of these bunches is impossible

With a wireless tank monitor you know exactly how much oil is in each customer’s tank.  That means you can pick up 200 gallons (or whatever your target pick up is) every time. 

Question:  If I install wireless tank monitors at all of my customers with automatic pick up how much money can I save?

Answer:  Depending upon your customer base and service area, the cost of picking up waste oil is generally between 25 and 30 cents per gallon.  By making your pickups more efficient, we believe that the use of wireless tank monitors will, on average, allow you to make a minimum of one less pick up to each customer over the course of the year. 

 Let’s assume that your average customer generates 500 gallons of waste oil per year and that you are making 3 pickups to that customer each year.  If you are able to cut the number of pickups to 2, that’s a 33% reduction in pickups and pickup costs.  Here are the numbers for that customer:

Cost of Rollie Wireless Tank Monitor in year 1 ($89 + $10) =                                                             $99

Average delivery cost per customer per year (500 gallons x 27.5 cents per gallon) =                   $137.50

Savings per year from use of Rollie Wireless Tank Monitor ($137.50 x 33 percent) =                      $45.38

Based on these numbers the payback period is 1.96 years ($89 / $45.38) and the return on investment is 51% ($45.38 / $89) in year one and 39.8% ($45.38 - $10 /$89) in all subsequent years.   While those numbers are impressive, we believe that the savings are much greater for two reasons:

  • You’ll avoid having to absorb the extra costs when you have to make a special trip because the customer’s tank is full.
  •  The extra marginal pickups you need to make without the wireless monitor cost more than the other deliveries.  Those extra pickups are the ones where you‘ll likely be paying your driver overtime or need to purchase and run an additional truck. 

Question:  Can my customer access the tank reading being provided by the wireless monitor?

Answer:  Yes, but only if you allow them to.  This information can be accessed by the customer in one of two ways.  They can purchase the optional remote tank reader or access the data over the internet on a computer, tablet or smartphone. 

Question:  How should I market the monitors to my customers?

Answer:  We suggest that you give the monitors to your automatic pick up customers.  What other investment can you make that will give you an average rate of return of over 39%?  For call in customers, you can mark the monitors up and sell them. 

Question:  Why should I purchase wireless tank monitors from Rollie instead of a competitor?

Answer:  There are 3 reasons to use Rollie as your wireless tank monitor provider:

  • We have more experience with this technology than anyone in the business.
  • We design and assembly each monitor we sell.  Our competitors outsource those functions.
  • We’ll save you a lot of money.  Our annual charge for each monitor in the field is a minimum of 240% less than any of our competitors. 

Question:  How can I get started or get more information?

Answer:  Call 978-297-0332 or email to get started!