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Our Products

Wireless Tank Monitor

  • Our wireless tank monitor is used in fuel oil, waste oil, septic and water tank applications
  • It uses ultrasonic sound waves to measure the fluid level in the tank multiple times per day
  • This fluid level is transmitted to the web using our proprietary interference free Ethernet gateway

Ethernet Gateway

  • Our Ethernet gateway receives tank measurement information from the Wireless Tank Monitor or the Wireless Propane Monitor and transmits it to web through the customers internet router
  • To avoid the interference and set up problems inherent with WiFi, we use a radio signal which operates at a totally different frequency

Wireless Propane Monitor

  • Our wireless propane monitor interfaces with the propane gauge already on the tank
  • It takes multiple readings per day and transmits them to the web using our proprietary interference free Ethernet gateway
  • The monitor is powered by a solar unit with battery backup

About Us


When you need reliable delivery of tank monitoring products you want a company with experience. Rollie Technology has over 25 years of experience in the tank gauging business originally with large, ocean going, container ships and tankers.

We design all of our gauging and monitoring equipment at our production facility in Orange MA. Prototypes of each monitor are subject to extensive field testing prior to finalizing the design that is brought to market. This extensive design and testing protocol ensures that all of our wireless monitors meet our stringent requirements for quality and usability.


In order to make the best wireless tank monitors you need the right software. Our engineering group designs all the software to interface with our monitors. The data generated by the monitor is collected on our web portal, which can be easily accessed on a computer or smart device, and integrated into your back office software to schedule efficient deliveries. The dealer has total control over how and when this data is shared with the end user. Our goal is to engineer the best products and offer them at prices which create a compelling value proposition.


Unlike most of our competitors, we design, engineer and manufacture all of our products in house using both domestic and internationally sourced parts. Long term availability of components is just as important as quality. We've worked hard with our supply partners to make sure that they can supply parts as neededand meet our exacting standards for quality and reliability.

Latest News

Rollie Technology, LLC will be exhibiting at the Eastern Energy Expo (EEE) which takes place on May 21 - 25, 2017 in Hersey, PA. EEE is a premier trade show for the energy and comfort industries. The trade show, which is at the Hersey Lodge and Convention Center, has over 250exhibitors and is attended by over 4,000 industry professionals. In addition to the trade show, the convention has over 50 educational programs. On Monday May 21at 2:30 pm, Rollie Technology will be participating in an educational program on Wireless Remote Tank Monitoring.
Rollie Technology, LLC launches its new website.


I was so impressed with the quality and pricing of the Rollie Technology wireless tank monitor, compared to the competition, that I invested in the company.